Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BECCA's Story Part 4

Jaihooo.. I'm back^^

Today is last day of 2nd TUKPD :( That means 1 months again is time to fighting. Huffft.. UJIAN NASIONAL>...< Dagdigdug banget :( takut gabisa huhu. Lagi asik-asiknya jalan sambil bengong. My friend shout my name, "BECCAAAA!!!"
"Oh my god Cherlyyy-___- what happen?"
"Ah. You so.. Do you know I was call you and say hello. But you just walk and not smile to me huhu. Loe kesurupan?"
"Hahahaha gak laaah.. Apa banget deh-__-"
"Eh, dijemput hari ini?"
"Hehehe iya, paling sama Mbak Lia. Kan dia lagi libur sekolah gitu"
"Oalah. Yaudah, gue duluan ya.."kata Cherly menjauh dan menaiki mobil jemputan sekolah. Yaps. In my school, we have pick and drop service, but Mama gak pernah bolehin aku naik itu. Lagi asik-asik nunggu. Tiba-tiba Mbak Lia sms.

From: Mbak Lia
Dear my sist, sorry. I can't go to your school. 
Nanti ada yang jemput kamu kok.
Sabar ya Becca :* salam cinta

Huuffffttt... Mbak Lia >:O. You so bummer!!!. She's was said to me this morning, she's will going to pick up me, and now! She's say cannot. Arrgghh >:O.. If I know this, I'm able to back to home with the shcool car pool. When I'm grumbling, came a Ferarri Elise Ardent, with red metallic. That's so cool.. The top of the car openend and I can see a guy with high school uniform. He told me to get into the car. But I don't want, because I don't know him. So, he opened his glasses and smilled and said, "Have you forgotten me?" 

And do you know who is him??

He is...

Oh my god. That's DICKY. MUHAMMAD DICKY PRASETYA. My idol and hmm.. My sister friend :O. So, I get into the car and smile to Dicky.
"Sorry, I don't know your car :)"
"Hahaha, not problem. Maklum aku juga jarang bawa mobil yang ini hehe"
"Bytheway, why you in here?"
"Hmm.. Saya yang suruh Lia biar saya yang jemput kamu"
"Ha? Why?"
"I just want to wasting time with you. Can you?"
"Hmm.. I think I can, because tomorrow is saturday :)"
"Okay. Use your seat belt and pray :)"said Dicky, then the car leaving my school.

For the next....
See ya at part 4 dear <3
By the way this is Dicky's car.

Dicky's car :o

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