Thursday, April 5, 2012

Becca's Story Part 1

Hey! This is my new story. A fan fiction of SM*SH Check this out! :)

Hallo my name is Becca, I'm a SMASHBLAST. I like all of SM*SH's personil, but my favorite is DICKY! He's baby face and cute. He liked YUPI, a popular chewy candy in Indonesia, like me. Every saw him on television, I want him to be my brother *dreaming*

Gue bukan salah satu dari para fans mereka yang fanatik, yang nangis karena tidak bisa nonton SM*SH. All it does nothing for me. I am just a real smashblast :) If I can see their performance, I will see and come. But If I can not, I can see on youtube or search in twitter. Do you know, YESTERDAY I saw SM*SH performed in one mall in Jakarta \(^^)/ There are special yesterday. Want to know? Let's see the story:

Me, my cousin and my baby sister go to one mall that will show them. I break though the SM*SHBLAST who was present there because there are very crowded. I am so lucky. I got three invitations from my friend, Cath. So we can watch them in comfort without being jostled. We sit right on a small stage in front of a main stage where SM*SH will perform. We can see SM*SH clearly because here only 20 seats.

While SM*SH out, say hallo and be on stage all the existing Smashblast shout and scream, while I just smile and waved to all SM*SH's personil. I watch SM*SH from beginning to end because of this the first time I watch them directly in front of my eyes :) But actually I more attention to Mr. Bala-Bala hehe #peace. When SM*SH was greeted all who came and for a little chat with the host on stage. I was waving to Dicky, he just smiled and see me. My baby sister and cousin, who was sitting beside me laughed and teased, me? just give a embrrassed smile. Luckly! SM*SH back to singing a few songs. After SM*SH finished, all the audience dispersed. I had come down from the stage with my cousin, Ayu and our baby sister, Mbak Lia. Ayu broke away from us, because she had an appointment with her friends. We were the way to the food court, stomach cann't take a compromise-__-. 

When the mall not crowded again, Dicky quietly out of the artist room and pulled Mbak Lia, while I'm keep walking. Mbak Lia so confused and asked Dicky, "Are you a SM*SH's personil?". Dicky replied "Yaps, I need you time, just a moment". Mbak Lia still confused when Dicky took her to a cafe across from the locker room.

What would you thing Dicky talked with Mbak Lia?
Want to know?
Next part guys<3

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