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Cherry Belle Broke Up? :o


Cherry Belle is a girlband who came from Indonesia :) They are composed of 9 pretty-faced girl, cheerful and cute. They named Devi, Wenda, Angel, Ryn, Anisa, Christy, Felly, Dental and Cherly. Cherly their leader is, for the fall dance is Angel Leader, and for any vocal leader Devi and Anisa.

Cherry Belle's name comes from the word meaning sweet and Cherry Belle means beautiful, while Chibi added meaning behind the name of each member of a small mean / funny. Cherry Belle first appearance on the show music begins Inbox on June 18, 2011 by singing their first single, entitled "Dilema".

Dilema, a single hits from a mini-album, where there is Caturadi Septembrianto addition, there are still some other songwriter who co-created the songs for Cherry Belle.

Cherry Belle made ​​up of 15-18 people attended auditions vocal and choreography trained intensively for two months. But, in mid-February 2011, two people decided to get out of Cherrybelle because (feeling) is not strong with Cherrybelle exercise program, and eventually the management decided to make the audition again, until finally find: Devi and Gigi.
When training in the month of January 2011, Anisa alternating Bandung - Jakarta to exercise although not necessarily received in the Cherrybelle. After intensive training through the auditions and eventually on February 27, 2011 to the day of birth Girlband Cherry Belle is located at the Peak. The nickname for the fans is Twibi Cherry Belle (for women) and Twiboy (for men) which has two meanings: 'Chibi Twins' (twin Chibi) which means we are one family of Cherrybelle and 'Twister Chibi' which means that strong winds to support the Chibi. Meanwhile, Cherry Belle hater named Chiters (Chibi Haters).

Cherry Belle wa debut  on June 18th, 2012 7:35AM in Inbox SCTV :)

Cherry Belle has been released mini-album contains 5 tracks them, titled Love Is You. Often people look at one eye and doubted their musicality, is considered only an instant artist and moral hazard. But apparently Chibi management strategy is different from most other artists. In early August of this mini-album was born Unfortunately, not containing 5 tracks, which offer a distinctive color pop Cherrybelle sweet music. With tailor-made packaging market today dg odorous Korea, Chibi mini album looks very interesting especially equipped with photobook.

Chibi on vocals and harmonization of the fifth song is very pronounced. Christy, Cherly, Gigi, Anisa, Devi as a 'major player' in singing convey the distinctive timbre of each member .. Christy with thin vocals, melodic and soft, which Cherly powerful and husky, gentle and soft teeth which, Anisa is kind of heavy and character , Devi who clear and melodious. smentara vocal Angel, Ryn, Wenda, and Felly I expect as the weakest vocal skill of personnel but dg ttp add color to act within 'choir' or within stiap choir songs. In contrast with most responses they will smell the K-pop, I personally rate the album is quite thick aura Chibi I-Pop...
Mini Album Cherry Belle

photobook chibi

  1. Dilema --> The lead single made-up Chess Chibi S is very easy listening, catchy ear, and who has enough poetry 'palace'. It is said repeatedly played any of the listener will not get bored. This song tells the story of women who have dilema because she's love her best friend's boyfriend, his unique song sung by Chibi with koreo and feel joy, song lyric with contradictory. But when examined more deeply about the poem, which is fun to show the meaning of the word DILEMMA sndiri, how finally the woman gave up her feelings by showing the joy of friendship with TSB
  2. Beautiful, I expect this song to be their second single. The songs are no less ear catchingnya has tempo beat and lyric rather positive for the women who feel less confident with pnampilannya. Because Chibi says in this song, "You are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, kamu cantik cantik dari hatimu". Vocals in this song the most prominent is Christy, Anisa and Cherly especially d the bridge. With a little touch of AutoTune, the song Beautiful is becoming more colorful and not monotonous.
  3. I'll Be There For You, this melancholy song with a slower tempo music that gently tells the story of someone who is willing to attend at any time if it takes the people who cared. The meaning of this song is pretty deep and wide coupled with vocal arranger for which bs make goosebumps listening. The most prominent vocal character is Devi, especially in the bridge, the clear voice bs apalg klo denger heartbreaking acoustic version of the oft-Chibi perform when brought off the water.
  4. Love Is You, a song which the title to the name of this album has the tempo up-beat which sounded particularly refreshing krn nuanced instrument backsound 'game' plus a little touch of AutoTune. With repetitive reffnya which makes the song ringing in his head is prominent vocal specially Christy at the bridge.
  5. Best Friend Forever, is the most controversial song Chibi Because when reffnya first bag had circulated, allegedly imitating / Kissing You-SNSD plagiarize. Now when the BFF is the full release, it must be admitted there are similarities in the reff and the beginning of the song, but for the rest of the instruments and arrangements of his music sounds very different from the tempo more beat plus AutoTune
Cherry Belle played in a television movie titled "Happy 21st" you can watch it on youtube :) They also have started to explore the world of film with the release of their life a favorable film titled "LOVE IS YOU". 

#CHERRYBELLEBUBAR on Trending Topic Indonesia

Cherry Belle recently was widely rumored to be changing the composition of its personnel. Finally answer the question of public management at a press conference that "What Happen With Cherry Belle" on SCTV 8 floor building, Jakarta, Thursday (12/4).

Stated Wenda Devi and management will be replaced by new personnel. Replacement Devi and Wenda's not because of a conflict but rather differences in vision and mission for the brand Chibi.

"Thank you all who have given support. Cherry Belle is a brand with a strong concept," says producer Cherry Belle, Dino Raturanda. "Wenda and devi was growing up, so not quite fit with the concept of Cherry Belle. So there is no conflict."

To search for a replacement Devi and Wenda, management will hold an audition with SCTV. Auditions are open to girls aged 17-21 years and will be held in Jakarta, 28-29 April. "Hopefully, this audition could find a better skill," said Dino.

Cherly Cherry Belle member Yuliana Anggraini (Cherly), Anisa Rahma (Anisa), Margaret Angelina (Angel), Noviaty Devi (Devi), Sarwendah Tan (Wenda), Yefany F (Felly), Christy Saura Noela UNU (Christy), Jessyca Stefani Auryn (Ryn) and Brigitta Cynthia (Gigi).

Girlband was formed in Puncak, Bogor, February 27, 2011, through the audition process. Their first appearance on the show music begins "Inbox", June 18, 2011. At that time they appear to sing the first single titled "Dilemma". In addition to "Dilemma", Cherry Belle also popularized the single "Beautiful" and "Love Is You" is taken from the mini album "Love Is You" (2011). They have released the film premiere of "Love Is U" at the end of March. The film tells the story of the formation of Cherry Belle and their daily lives. 

Atmosphere of emotion surrounding the press conference "What's on Cherry Belle" on SCTV floor of Building 8, Jakarta, Thursday (12/4). Guided by MC Ipank, nine personnel Cherry Belle seemed quiet during the event. Group Leader, Cherly, even cried when the news of two personnel changes, Wenda and Devi.

"They've become part of us," said Cherly while filled with tears. "Sad really sad," said Angel simply.

Asked about the comment removal of these two personnel, Ryn just crying and could not answer the question MC Indra. Difficult to master himself, he just covered his face with his hands. Were ready or not with new personnel changes, Cherry Belle claimed to be ready. "If we're ready or not, we're all prepared and ready mentally. We believe it all to the set of management and producer," Christy said.

Cherry Belle who was at the top of his career was rumored to be disbanded because its personnel were out there. Girlband member 9 he also denied the news. However the issue of the departure of two Cherry Belle personnel already widely heard.

Thursday (12/4) afternoon, Cherry Belle holding a press conference entitled 'What's The Cherry Belle?' Which dtayangkan on SCTV. In the event, as the producer Dino Cherry Belle officially announced that Wenda and Devi came out of the girlband.

"We decided to replace Devi and Wenda," said Dino.

Unclear what caused the two personnel must be out, but Dino pointed out that the cause is a matter of age Wenda and Devi who was no longer appropriate to the Cherry Belle is the average perseonelnya aged 18-21 years. Wenda itself has aged 22 years and 24 years old Devi.

"Yes, they (Wenda and Devi) was growing up," said Dino.

Cherry Belle looked very sad after losing their two partners. Cherly even admitted that they were in mourning today.

"The presence of Cherry Belle this time practically in mourning," said Cherly.

Even this revamp that raises new girlband rumor is likely to be disbanded. But the management of Cherry Belle seems to want to keep this girlband, they are even looking for new personnel to hold auditions titled 'Search Chibi Cherry Belle' is packaged as a reality show.

No doubt, many fans felt disappointed with the loss of two personnel Cherry Belle. Reasons expressed by Dino age seems difficult to be accepted by most fans. In fact, maybe this time many are asking, if all the personnel was growing up, if they return a remodeled or choose disbanded?

Cherry Belle Need Refreshing -

Wenda and Devi officially out of Cherry Belle, girlband who duringone recent year the music world coloring Indonesia. Producer Dino Cherrybelle Raturandang explain, as a girlband,Cherry Belle is an established brand and the concept of hard work.The concept is nothing but fun teen girl, singing dance skills, andgood looking with aura. Therefore, it is necessary to replacepersonnel refresher Wenda and Devi are considered to haveentered the phase of a woman.

"Starting from the initial concept and commitment to a strong brand,the producer must make a refreshment by replacing Wenda and Devi," Dino said at a news conference at SCTV Tower Jakarta,Thursday (12/4).

Furthermore, the producer of close calls Chibi Cherry Belle withSCTV will be holding auditions to find a replacement. The planauditions will be held April 28 to 29 next to the criteria of 17-year-oldgirl to 21 years. The auditions will be chosen to be 20 candidates.

This is some photo by Cherry Belle :)


Good bye @WendaChiBi @DeviChiBI
Press Conference

Now, CHERRY BELLE still have 7 personnel and will make a audition on SCTV in April 28th-29th, 2012 start 10AM - end :) Terms of auditions:

  • Girls ages 17-21 yr,
  • Master all koreo Chibi,
  • No letter of permission from parents
  • Don't contract with anyone
  • Be yourself 
  • Other details will announce @Cherrybelleindo
Cherrybelle ill audition free of charge, and SCTV Tower lgsg DTG to Senayan City April 28 to 29.

source: Cherry Belle-Wikipedia ID

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