Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Broken Heart? Forget that with this guys~~!

Hello :D

Uh, uh, damn! It turns out the heartbreaker really make us broken heart. Pain, for sure ... but time would mellow constantly? Do not! Let's follow the steps below quickly let our hearts whole again.

#1. Normally, if another heartbreak, we are will be a person with high creativity. Well, instead of wasting creative energy we make cry, better create something of our creativity. For example, make a blog, create a song, poem, short story, novel, or movie script.

#2. Make a special ritual for our relationship and indicates that he was over. For example, collect all the items from him or that remind us of him, then burned, or buried in the backyard. It's strange really, but believe, can not believe, it can help us to move on.

#3. Upset, he swore at the inn? Rather than embarrass myself or make her head getting big because we feel really needs him, the better we exhaust all our energy excess in the gym. Not bad, plus healthy body so much better. Make him regret because it has left us.

#4. Cry as loud as possible. Remove deh all our emotions and grief. But there must be a target yes, do not ever cry hysterically because your ex more than a week.

#5. Want to know how to quickly create feelings make us better? Smile!
Yep, and please, smile like you mean it! Not just pretending or niceties. Continues, there is a bonus ya ... when we smile, we would draw people close to the same for us. Laugh deh same happy-happy friends close, and we will remember our life before him there was, that great guys! Or the easy way, go to youtube and watch comedy movies or try to watch stand up comedy. That's a very guaranteed laughs~ And don't forget to free your mind from all the sadness.

#6. Back to nature. May sound a bit strange, but nature has its own way for the 'cure' us. Try it, for a few moments only eat vegetables and fruits. Fasting meat first, while. Then spend we make go to places that very nature, eg the sea, or grasslands. There, sit still and listen to 'the voice' of nature. More powerful than any doctor too, guaranteed!

#7. Replace the photographs that we have in his room, wallet, phone, computer, organizer, or anywhere else, with our own pictures. Oh yes, this means, we must change the current photo of him posing with us, yes.

#8. Call our closest friends and asked them to accompany us or stay for some time in our house.

#9. Avoid the places we used to love to go with him. In fact, if possible, avoid places that allow us for meeting him. Forever anyway, temporary. Your heart need time to heal.

#10. Indulge us. Go to the salon all day. Take all the treatments on offer there. Ranging from massage, manicure-pedicure, hair-cream bath or spa, even a haircut. Out of the salon with one mission: to make people look amazed we see fit.

#11. Every night, before bed, read a book. If you don't like to reading, but for this time, try it first. The book has the power for bringing us 'out' of our world and into the 'world' that they offer. And for some reason, the book could do this much better than the movie. So, from now on make it a habit to stop by the bookstore! Although passengers read books just about there

#12. Make a list of the songs fun and go to karaoke. Sing all the songs of our choice while dancing fun with my friends. It's time to let all your feelings out loud. Or if you don;t like to do this in public karaoke place, you can karaoke in your house with your laptop or computers, jut click a song at there and don't forget to put karaoke in the end.

#13. Eat dark chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Of course, you should never indulge in the kind of chocolate binge eating you often see in romantic comedies. In moderation, dark chocolate has a positive effect on one’s sense of well-being and cognitive health. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. It may be hard to pronounce and difficult to spell but PEA encourages the brain to release endorphins, which is why chocolate makes you feel happier. Darker chocolate is best because it contains less calories and fat than the richer, lighter chocolates. For a limited time only, it’s okay to eat chocolate and not feel guilty but be careful as you don’t want to put on ten pounds in the process of lightening your mood.

#14. Go away on holiday. Plan a break from your usual routine. Take a trip to a nearby town you’ve never visited. Hop on a vacation cruise across the ocean. Go to the spa and get a massage. Whether it’s by yourself, with family or friends a change of scenery will do you some good.

#15. Staying friends with your ex. When your ex says “Let’s be friends,” you need to move on. There is no being friends. But there is a difference between being friends and being friendly. Being friends down the road is a possibility but only when you no longer have feelings for that person. So until that time comes forget about being friends with your ex.

#16. Learn from your breakup. Recognize this as an opportunity to learn a life lesson. You can transform this experience into one with a positive outcome. Take time to cater to yourself and fulfill your own needs for a while. Ask yourself some important questions to see if there are areas of your life that need attention. Why didn’t the relationship work? Do you need to learn to be more responsible, more independent or more interesting? Maybe you need to focus on your career or work to get balance in some other area of your life? Take this sacred time to find out what you really want in your next relationship but do things you enjoy in the meantime. Partake in activities that will make you feel good about yourself. Go out and get a bold new look, change your hair color or buy yourself some new clothes. Make a commitment to exercise and get healthy. Get out and meet new people by joining a social club. Focus on how you can do better at your job. This is your chance to spring clean your soul, start over, rejuvenate yourself and get ready to rock the world!

#17. And lastly, when it's not too sad, looking for the new. Don't too sad for long, it's not just her guy alone. And believe me, there are many better guys out there for us.

I wish my tips can help you to solve your broken heart problem guys! Goodluck~~!♥

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