Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yaps. I'm back with new title "Cinta Cenat Cenut Concert"

What is Cinta Cenat Cenut Concert?
Is it a music concert?
Or a cinemaconcert?

Yeah, as we know Cinta Cenat Cenut is a drama starring a boyband from Indonesia, SM*SH and supported by several other artist. Cinta Cenat Cenut was started on February 18th, 2011 in Trans Tv at 9:30 PM with the main player are Rafael SM*SH, Natasa Rizky and Morgan SM*SH. This season just 13 episodes and the end on May 13th, 2011 at 10:45PM. With the end of this drama to make sense of missed in the hearts of CCCLoverss.

And then, CCC Lovers always waiting for #CCCSeason2. Their wish comes true in November 2011, Cinta Cenat Cenut's official account in twitter announced that CCC Season 2 will coming soon in December 2011. Theis fans so excited to watching this drama again in television. Their fans make hastag #CCCSeason2 be a TRENDING TWITTER. The 2nd season was finished in February 2012.

Now the third season will come and be awesome like 2 seasons before. For support this season. CCC Team make a concert about this series with title "CCC Romance Story". This concert will be happening on Agustus 12th, 2012 in Studio 10 Trans TV.

Are you want to join this event?
Before you join with this event, I'll be announce a terms and conditions :

  1. This event will be held in Studio 10 TRANS TV on Agustus 12th, 2012 from noon to night.
  2. Who's coming in this event must be have LIGHTSTICK or something will be glow in dark because the audience sight will be dark.
  3. If you don't have lightstick, you can make a poster. This poster must be GLOW IN DARK! 
  4. The words can like "I LOVE SM*SH" "I'm a SM*SHBLAST" or anything about this event
  5. This event is TAPING (NOT LIVE IN TV)
  6. Some artist in Cinta Cenat Cenut Season 1 until 3 will coming
  7. You can breakfasting in Trans Tv, you can buy some snacks or bring some food and dring from house
  8. Who's cann't coming is FORBIDDEN to follow this quiz
  9. Answer some question or follow some quiz from some fanbase like @SMASHBLAST13jkt@mysmashblast@Together_SMASH@Fanadicky_RTH@geng_seminyak@RANGGANIZER_INA@MORGANOUS_ID,  @DickySmashFC@the7heroes@FDBM_JKTB@_SMASHBLAST_ID@CCCloverss@EpicBismaniacs, @Ofcl_FANADICKY@RanggaOxcel_FCL@Basecamp_SMASH@Raf_MorFC@MYBISMANIACS_@CCC_quote and @MORGANOUS 
  10. Available 200 tickets free for you! ;)
You can buy a lightstick or a glowstick or LED writeboard in @YouNeedThereIs for price see their favorite guys

Have fun! And I wish you can get the tickets^^

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